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Mint Magic

19 Apr

I know the trend is Pale Nails, but I could not resist scooping up this color at Duane Reade. If you cannot tell I am totally obsessed with Mint Green this spring – and my obsession has officially extended to this nail Polish.

I have never heard of Pop Beauty Nail Glam, but I must say they have a beautiful selection of colors. Duane Reade prices one bottle at $10. Slightly more expensive than the well-known OPI and Essie brands.

Mint Magic in particular went on a little bit thicker than the nail polish I am used to – which caused a bumpy finish (please note I painted my nails myself and I am NOT a professional). But the color is beautiful and I am extremely happy with result! If you feel like going against the Pale Nail trend, give Mint Magic a try!


Bring on the Pale Nails

29 Feb
Pale Nail Trend

Yet another reason I am so ready for spring to get here… Pale Nail Polish! Out goes the bright popping nail polish and in comes a feminine, tame and breath of fresh air.

Celebrities Sporting the Trend - dgstyleblog.com

Last year we began seeing stars, such as Scarlett Johansson and Eva Longoria sport the lightly colored nail polish. Talk about complete opposite from the deep purples and blacks. I am loving this new trend! I am dying to try Essie’s Marshmallow.

Essie Marshmallow

Mark my words – the first manicure of spring I will be getting a white tone!

Hungry for Color

6 Feb

Hunger Games Ad - pic via Teen.com

In November, colorphiles rejoiced over the announcement that Lionsgate would be teaming up with China Glaze nail polish to create a line commemorating the March 23rd release of the wildly anticipated book-turned-film, The Hunger Games.  In December, our excitement was snuffed out after alleged leaks over the line caused Lionsgate to pull out of the business venture.

Now it’s a new year, and I’ve got good news: The Hunger Games line is back!  The colors being released on March 1st are the same as the ones that were previously leaked, but the names have changed.  Instead of being named after characters like Prim and Cinna, each color is inspired by one of the 12 Districts represented in the Games.

Available in a Variety of Colors - pic via Radaronline.com

While many colors are suitable for a winter manicure if you’re still dealing with snow in March, I much prefer the more in-your-face colors for spring.  Dress Me Up is a delicate ballet pink for the demure lady.  Hook and Line gives us that metallic grey that is so of-the-moment. And while Electrifying is inspired by District 5, this red and gold glitter polish screams Katniss.  This color will turn you into the girl who gets noticed — the girl on fire.

All twelve colors will be released for sale at stores like Sally’s on March 1st.  The estimated retail cost will be $6-$7, so suit up, tribute!