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Stand Out Eyes

18 Apr

“Eye makeup is designed to make your eyes stand out” – Bobbi Brown

If you have never tried a gel eyeliner before I highly suggest you immediately head to Bloomies and expand your makeup collection. Gel eyeliners come out so crisp and smooth. You would think a gel would be hard to apply, but think again. Sure you need to have a steady hand and a good brush, but the end result is worth it. Eyes just pop so much more!

Application is easy and I find you are able to create more liner styles as opposed to the standard pencil. You can create as thin of a line as you want or get spicy and create wings. Think Adele!

In my experience, the best of the gel eyeliners is Bobbi Brown’s Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner. This award-winning liner gives you the look of liquid liner with the ease & feel of a gel formula. Long-wearing, water-resistant color glides on & let’s you get it just right before it dries – then stays without a smear or crease. It is reasonably priced at $22 a shade. I say reasonably because the formulation lasts you quite a while. Thanks to my Aunt for the gift card to Bloomies, I scooped up the Black Ink shade. This Jet Black color is divine!



The Sweet Taste of Candy Fixations

8 Mar

The 2011 Stylist Choice Awards were held this past weekend in Chicago, and Candy Fixations took home the Best New Styling Collection! Hard work paid off. If you have not yet heard about this fabulous, candy-inspired line, you have obviously been hiding under a rock, so check out the details here.

TIGI also won the Best Professional Makeup line – congrats to my girl Sydney. So it is only natural to breed these two prize-winning lines to create the Candy Fixations Luxe Lipgloss Collection. Inspired by the decadent scents of the styling line, these five lip treats will leave your lover wanting more.

Not only do you want to lick the applicator clean, but the colors are stunning. These aren’t like typical lip-glosses that barely add color, they actually deposit a gorgeous hue to your lips along with moisture and shine. My personal favorite is Sugar Shock. It smells just like cotton candy, and the red just pops perfectly.

Each Candy Fixation Luxe Lipgloss retails for $19 and can be purchased at your local TIGI salon. To find a salon near you visit TIGI’s website.

Models above are wearing Glaze Haze and Sugar Shock. Enjoy!

Winner of Ciao Beautiful Beauty Bundle Giveaway… Love Edition

17 Feb

Debbie C's Love!

Many thanks to all of those who participated AND subscribed! I have broken over 50 subscribers! So thank you thank you thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

Now do not be discouraged if you didn’t win this giveaway, because I promise you will have more opportunities. And if you haven’t subscribed, please do so. I have some great posts coming your way, including a full testing on over 20 Dry Shampoos to find the best one, Olay’s new two-step hair remover and haven’t been launched yet lip gloss exclusive from TIGI. Get excited!

Now to the giveaway winner….

Debbie C! Debbie’s has a major crush on her C O Bigelow Mentha Lip Shine, which doubles as a breath freshener. What a genius idea!

Congrats Debbie! Thanks so much for participating.