A Rainbow of Reasons to Love this Trend

12 Apr

It’s not secret that bright colors are in this spring and one easy way to show you are on trend is purchasing a brightly colored blazer. I scooped up a lightweight, beautiful hot pink blazer from Zara for only $70!

Reasons I love blazers:

1. Great day-to-night potential. Appropriate for work and trendy enough to go to happy hour.

2. Perfect light “coat” of some type to keep you warm on the slightly chillier spring days. Time to put away that winter coat!

3. Breaks up monotone – feel free to wear white pants and a white shirt! The blazer will pop and look stunning!

4. Looks great with the sock bun!!

Here are 18 more reasons I love bright blazers:

Learn how to create the sock bun here.



One Response to “A Rainbow of Reasons to Love this Trend”

  1. Diana July 21, 2012 at 12:47 am #

    I have been looking for a bright purple blazer for moths and can NOT find one. I love the two on the right hand side that you have posted. Do you know where they are from? Or where I could find a bright purple blazer? Thank You!

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