Five Frizz-Free Products

27 Mar

With Spring officially here and summer right around the corner, a woman’s top hair woe starts to rear its ugly head… frizz. Good news is nowadays there is more you can do about it than pulling hair back into a ponytail. Pile on the products!

I have each and every one of these products in my beauty drawer. I don’t use every product every day, but I do intermix these products frequently.

If I am looking for a smoother/straighter style, I like to use the Aussie 3-Minute Miracle as a replacement to my usual conditioner. Hair feels softer, smoother and frizz is locked out. And with a price tag of under $5, why wouldn’t you give this product a test drive.

If I feel a little more “free” I go for an air-dried look. I like to use TIGI’s Love, Peace and the Planet Let it Be Leave-In Conditioner. This is a hidden gem in the curly hair world because unlike most leave-in conditioners, this one has some hold. I recommended this product to every friend of mine with curly hair and it is now a staple in their beauty regimen. Let it Be is true to its name, because you can apply, leave your hair alone and your waves/curls are smoother and more defined.

A Ciao Beautiful favorite is the Moroccan Oil. I use every day (and I mean every day). This is a miracle product and you have got to try it. Once you try it, you will understand why every brand out there is trying to knock it off. Nothing else like it on the market.

After styling, I might notice my ends are a little frayed. To combat this problem, I use TIGI’s Rockaholic Rock My World Smoothing Cream. It is extremely lightweight and has a slight hold.

If I straighten my hair, I like to top off my style with a blast of shine. The NEW Suave Dry Conditioner adds shine without being heavy. You can even spray directly onto the palm of your hands and smooth down the flyaways on the top of your head. Super cheap product that works wonders!

Summer doesn’t just bring out the frizz, but the sun. Don’t forget your sunscreen! Try a mineral tint with sunscreen inside – 2 steps in 1! Now get ready to go layout by the pool with confidence!


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