Never Break the Chain

22 Mar

(Amazing Fleetwood Mac Song)

Taking another style tip out of the Egyptian handbook… hair chains. Now of course I am not suggesting you were a wig full of chains, but you can tastefully incorporate metal stands into your style. Just check out how stunning Mila Kunis looks… Similar to the bohemian headbands we all have been rocking over the past few years, you can wear a chain just as you would wear a headband. I absolutely LOVE the multi-strand chain above. You can purchase this handmade piece of art on etsy for $76.

Of course, with any new style, there is a right way and a wrong way to wear a trend… Kim K. wore it the wrong way…I am not a fan of the hair chain hanging like a decoration off of a horse’s tail. No thank you. If you plan on rocking one, do not get one that clips in – looks like you bought it at Claire’s circa 1998.

If you are falling in love with this new look (as I am), unleash your inner Free People style and pair the hair chain with these following looks:

Now you are ready to walk like an Egyptian.



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