The Knot

20 Mar

Turn a bad hair day into a good hair day in seven simple steps. The Knot works best on messy, texturized hair that does not have a lot of layers. But don’t let your layers stop you, just be prepared for a messier knot and using more bobby pins to help secure hair.

Step 1: Apply powder at roots and tease with a teasing comb to create volume at the crown with a strong hold. I recommend using Schwarzkophf OSiS Powder.

Step 2: apply a lightweight mousse mid-strand down throughout your hair. This will help make hair pliable, while easing the knot tying process by keeping strands together.Try TIGI’s Catwalk Curlesque Lightweight Mousse.

Step 3: Split ponytail into half and literally, tie a knot. Think of it as tying a knot, with no bunny ears, on your tennis shoes.Around and through the hole… around and through the hole.

Step 4: Bring remaining ponytails together and secure both with an elastic ponytail holder. I recommend using a clear one, as you do not need a chunky ponytail hold sticking out.

Step 5: Back comb the ponytail to create additional texture and volume.

Step 6: Use bobby pins to secure any loose ends. I prefer to use the bobby pin to create additional root lift in the back, but I also use it to secure any loose ends that may be sticking out.

Step 7: Finish with a veil of hard hold hairspray. I LOVE TIGI’s Catwalk Your Highness Firm Hold Hairspray.

Casual Day in the City

This bed-head inspired look goes perfectly with a pair of jean shorts, a basic white tank and some basic strappy sandals. Sex it up with a lace bandeau underneath your tank and some gold jewelry.  Perfect for those warm days strolling through the city streets.



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