Mousey Brown

4 Mar

I have been hair obsessed since I was in high school. Might not have had the best hair in high school per se, but I gave my best effort to create a perfect look. So there is no doubt that having the right hairstylist plays a major part in having great looking hair. But part of growing up is moving away, and trying to find new hairstylist in each new town. It is definitely all about trial and error, however I NEVER go in blind. I always start with a recommendation from a trusted friend before booking an appointment.

A dear friend of mine recommended this boutique-type place in Williamsburg called Mousey Brown. She sold me by saying she has never had a bad haircut, and the stylists gave her tips and tricks on new ways to style her hair. Plus she said it was an insanely good price. I was sold!

Mousey Brown Salon

Now Williamsburg is a super trendy part of Brooklyn that a lot of “hipsters” live. There is a lot of creativity and talent that can be found in this suburb of NYC, so I had no doubt I could find a great hairstylist in this area.

The shot-gun styled salon had a fantastic, homey feeling. Equipped with shabby chic furniture and hair stylists with bubbly personalities, your opinion felt welcomed in the open atmosphere. My stylist and I discussed our favorite hair products along with life. She was newly transplanted to Williamsburg from Gainsville, FL. She was extremely talented and knew her hair products very well, so much so she used to own her own hair salon in Florida! But the bright lights of the Big Apple were calling her name, as it does to most of us who live here. And I am thrilled she was sucked in to NYC because she did a fabulous job! I’m just sad I cannot for the life of me remember her name (I am terrible with names), but I will definitely be requesting the new girl from Florida for my next appointment.

Boutique Feel

The full wash, condition, hair cut and blow out only cost $55! Great price for NYC. Plus there is nothing I hate worse than overpaying for a mediocre hair cut. If you find yourself in NYC and looking for a new hairstylist, check out Mousey Brown – I promise it will not disappoint!

Check out more of Mousey Brown’s services here.


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