Give Your Hair a Keratin Infusion… for Under $12

9 Feb

Suave Professionals Keratin Infusion

Suave Professionals has done it again… brought a major salon trend to your home for an everyday, affordable price. You can now smooth your style, just as a Keratin Treatment in a salon would do, for up to 30. This semi-permanent treatment is formulated with KeraLock Technology, which infuses hair with Keratin protein (a natural protein found in healthy hair) and leaves it sleeker, smoother and easier to style.

The 30-day smoothing kit is formaldehyde-free and only takes one application to perfect your locks. Step one of the kit is the Smoothing Cream which loosens, smooths and detangles curls and waves. Step two you use the Cuticle Seal Cream which reforms Keratin bonds inside the hair fiber and eliminates frizz for long-lasting smoothness and manageability. Step three is the Heat Defense Leave-In Conditioner provides ultimate moisturization to protect hair while heat styling.

Full Line, Totally Affordable

Now this kit is like any other coloring or chemical treatment. You will need gloves (found inside the kit), a towel, a timer and petroleum jelly (fun fact: great for removing excess product or color). Use this treatment in a well-ventilated area, and do not use on highlighted, bleached, double-processed or hair treated with high color-lift. There are some other restrictions to using the kit, so check out the full list and even take a quiz to see if this kit is right for you on the Suave website.

This has quickly become my favorite product in the line

First you will begin by shampooing and lightly conditioning your hair, just as you would in the shower. Then on towel-dried, combed through hair (do not use on dry hair) apply the Smoothing Cream to hair in sections beginning at the nape of the neck. Run enough smoothing cream to cover hair by applying root to tip. Comb hair to make sure it coats each strand. Check the instructions for how long you need to leave the product in (time depends on hair type). After time is up, wash hair with warm water. Do not shampoo. Next apply the Cuticle Seal Cream the same way you applied the smoothing cream. Leave-in for 7 minutes, regardless of your hair type. Rinse thoroughly with warm water for at least-five minutes and do not shampoo. Apply a small amount of the Heat Defense Leave-In Conditioner to add shine and softness. Then blow-dry and finish with a straightener. And your transformation is complete. But do not shampoo or condition hair for 48 hours after using the treatment, and conduct touch-ups every 3 months because you do not want to over process.

Suave Professionals also launched an entire line around the kit to help preserve the treatment longer. You will find two sets of lower-sulfate shampoos and conditioners, one for smoothing and one for color-treated hair. There is also a smooth and shine serum, along with a Keratin infused Dry Shampoo – the less you wash your hair, the less your treatment and color fades. You can also purchase separately the Heat Defense Leave-In Conditioner that is found in the kit. All of these products are under $4.

Check out some of these exclusive before and afters I got from the creative minds at Suave…

Before and After

This model is Katy and let’s see what she has to say about the kit, “”I can’t believe it’s been 30 days since I used the kit. It’s been life-changing, and I would do it again for sure!”


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