Happy Birthday Emma Harper Boucvalt!

8 Feb

Bright and early this morning, one of my dear friends and her husband had a beautiful baby girl. Megan is the first of our girlfriends to get married and the first to have a baby, and it truly was so exciting! My friends and I, who are scattered all over this country, were glued to our phones waiting for updates all yesterday. I could barely sit still throughout my day-long meetings, each time my phone would ding I would want to jump out of my chair.

It is crazy to think all that has happened in our lives. Jobs, marriage, new cities but one thing remains the same, our friendship. Of course we all have our ups and downs, but what good friends don’t? It is because we care too much! Last time I checked, that wasn’t a crime.

Out of our crazy group, Megan was called Momma Megan (very fitting since she is the first Momma out of the group). She took care of every single one of us, even if she drank a little too much herself. We sure did have a ton of fun throughout college. But I have a feeling the fun is just getting started…

Friends, please don’t kill me for digging up some of these old photos…

2007 - Night Out for Megan's Birthday

2007 - Group of Us Hugging at 2020

2007 - St. Patty's Day Parade with the Ladies

2007 - Megan and I at Our Old Stomping Ground, Bogie's

2007 - Megan Came to See Me in DC

2008 - Group of Us

2009 - Marci, Megan and I

2009 - Night Out with Megan

2010 - Megan and I at her Bachelorette Party

2010 - Megan's Wedding

Now You Can See Why We Needed a "Momma Megan" - Us after Megan & Gabe's Wedding in 2010

2011 - Megan's Baby Shower (As you can tell we clean up nice)

As her “Aunts” we have the duty of teaching her Kappa songs, giving her candy and spoiling her to death. Congrats Megan & Gabe! Emma Harper is absolutely beautiful and we all cannot wait to meet her. Love you guys!


One Response to “Happy Birthday Emma Harper Boucvalt!”

  1. Leighanne February 8, 2012 at 9:44 pm #

    Congrats Momma Megan! This left me in tears! I won’t kill you for those pictures, but you dug up some of the worst! I still love you, friend!

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