Casual to Captivating Curls

2 Feb

“Basically, the key to curly hair up-dos or any style for that matter is to embrace your curls! Work with them not against them. And be happy about the fact that you don’t have to use the curling iron like most girls.” Words of wisdom from a fellow curly-haired friend in the haircare industry. Well said Kristy!

A Girl's Best Friend

There are plenty of ways to style short, curly hair. Whether you are going for a casual, bohemian look or a vintage-inspired, glamour style, I’m here to tell you that it is possible. But you will need bobby pins.

First off, you will need a fabulous mousse that does not leave your hair crunchy or piece-y. I know I push Suave Professionals products a lot, but truly the Suave Professionals Captivating Curls Whipped Cream Mousse is fabulous, and only $2.97. It mimics the expensive Sebastian Whipped Cream Mousse, and even claims to work as well as Sebastian.

Suave Professionals Captivating Curls Whipped Cream Mousse

After applying mousse to wet hair, be sure to use a diffuser. This will create beautifully, defined curls. Now you have prepped your hair to style.

Casual Look

To achieve the casual look, you will need to create some volume at the roots, especially focusing on the crown of the head. This is the perfect time to pull  out your teasing comb and hair powder (What is a hair powder?? Check out the full details here). Tease your hair to create root lift. Create an imperfect middle part, and let the front pieces hang naturally. Take your handy bobby pins and begin pinning back the rest of your hair. Depending on your hair length, you can create a bun or, for shorter lengths, try to pin a slight poof by concentrating bobby pins at the nape of your neck. Just remember, the messier the better.

If your front pieces are less than perfect, feel free to take a curling iron or stick to re-shape the curls. You can use your fingers to comb through the front pieces to created a messier and more textured look.

If you are having trouble creating root lift, don’t be afraid to use Aquage Uplifting Foam in wet hair at the roots. This product works wonders! It will give just enough grit and hold to keep hair sky-high.

Don’t forget to top your finished style with some hard hold hairspray.

Glamour Look

Let’s take a minute to take in the beauty that is Heidi Klum… stunning! OK for the glamour look you need to create a dramatic side sweep. To do this you will have to use the blow dryer and a brush to help set the part (unless your hair naturally part that way). While hair is wet, part and begin blowing drying to set, using the brush to guide hair in the direction you want it to go. But do not brush the rest of the hair, that will ruin your perfect curls.

Once you have your part completed, diffuse the rest of your hair. Use root lifting foam or powder if needed. Once you have your hair parted and in the shape you would like, use some firm hold hairspray. Let it set. Then, take a flat brush and brush through your curls – this will create a full natural wave with a few curls.Take your fingers and reshape a the bottom of the few curls.

Lastly, take some bobby pins and pin back part of your hair, just like Heidi. You might need to use some no-shine gel to keep frizz and runaway curls flat.

My Favorite Hard Hold Hairspray - Works Wonders!


One Response to “Casual to Captivating Curls”

  1. Ashley Smith February 17, 2012 at 2:04 pm #

    Yay! Curly haired girls unite. An amazing line of haircare and salon is called OUIDAD. I have been a devoted client and member for 10 years. I highly recommend it.

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