La Vie Boheme!

31 Jan

(No I did not just go see Rent on Broadway nor did I watch the movie this weekend… OK maybe I did… guilty!)

It isn’t quite spring/summer, in fact we are just getting into the height of winter up here in NYC, but I am already looking forward to warmer weather. One trend I plan on rocking this summer is the bohemian head scarf. Pair a patterned print with bright lipstick and dramatic eyes for an insanely, beautiful but casual look. Wear with a plain, hippie-styled dress for the perfect outfit.

LOVE every creative way to wear a scarf - pic via Girl Obsessed Blog

How great is the low-back dress with the messy hair and tied headband scarf look? And just look at the blonde with the bright pink lips and dramatic eyes – my favorite!

As I come across how-to wrap a headscarf, I promise to share with my readers. And I swear it will only be the cute ways to wear a scarf – we don’t want to increase the number of pink bandana-wearing biker chicks in this world.

The Low Bun Wrap - pic via Jetset Eccentric Blog

How-To Create the Low Bun Wrap: (Best with a rectangle scarf)

Step 1: Pull hair back into a low bun. Feel free to slick back hair or leave some pieces in front to create a messy look.

Step 2: Fold scarf into a triangle. Make sure to line up all of the tips.

Step 3: Place the long, folded side on the front of your hair-line. You should have the top tip of the triangle hanging over your low bun, and the two other points of the triangle hanging in front of your shoulders.

Step 4: Take the two points hanging in front of your shoulders, pull around to the back and tie underneath the bun. The original triangle tip that was hanging over the bun should be underneath the tie.

Step 5: Wrap the tied ends around the bun and tuck underneath until it feels secure. Done and Done!

Just imagine how long you can without washing your hair with this added style to your repertoire. I could make it at least four days!


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