Seeing Metallic

30 Jan

Hot Trend Right Now - Colored Jeans

I’m sure you have seen brightly colored jeans everywhere and I am absolutely obsessed with this new trend. I already have a pair of electric blue, fire-red and a recently purchased pair of pale yellow jeans. But there is another trend emerging that you might not yet be aware off… metallic!

Metallic have always had some sort of presence in runways shows from time to time, and you might have found a shirt or pair of pants at your local Bloomingdale’s. But now it is official a trend and hitting the mainstream stores in a big way.

Metallic Boat Shoes

My favorite metallic piece include the metallic colored boat shoes. It is a great way to spice up a casual outfit. Great with a pair of jeans and a polo or cute white bohemia-styled top. And of course, metallic high heels I will also love – I already have a gold pair.

But metallic jeans are the hottest this coming season! I cannot wait to get a pair. Now the trick is to find a decent looking pair that isn’t $300…

Oh and we cannot forget about metallic nails. So hot!

Giambattista Valli Silk Cap-Toe Metallic Leather Pumps

Love Love Love Metallic Pants

Metallic Nails



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