Denise Richards Promises Uncomplicated Hair

16 Jan

Beautiful Hair

Most of you probably agree that Denise Richards has one gorgeous head of hair… who wouldn’t want those luscious locks? But her claims of not using hair extensions is a little hard to believe, personally. Not that it isn’t out of the realm of possibilities that her hair is real… Any way Denise Richards is officially launching her very own product line at the end of the month, well sort of. Her name will be on the product line, but she is said to not be financially invested. Sounds to me like a market ploy, and Denise is just the spokesperson.

“I teamed up with hairstyling guru Cristophe to create The Denise Richards Volume Extend hair care line, which strengthens and protects hair from the damage continuous styling can cause, boosting the hair’s health and volume,” Richards said.

Side note: Cristophe is famous hairstylist in Beverly Hills, who opened his first salon in 1985. He has salon locations all over the US and has his own line, Cristophe Professional, which sells in CVS.

Denise and Cristophe

She added, “The line, which consists of shampoo, conditioner and three styling aids, is an entire system that is focused on beautiful, healthy-looking hair. The shampoo’s rich lather is the first on the market to actually condition the hair, and the advanced technology in the conditioner penetrates and plumps the hair shaft, increasing its diameter for thicker hair.”

I notice one problem with the statement above, there are other shampoos on the market that condition… this line is not the first.

Denise Richards Volume Extend Hair Care Line

I was disappointed in the packaging. It looks cheap, isn’t eye-catching and I hope they are not charging a fortune. I was hoping for a little more glam. But, I have yet to try the products. They could be amazing… or could be like every other celebrity endorsed-brand out there. I am thinking it will be the latter. But I am willing to try anything once!


One Response to “Denise Richards Promises Uncomplicated Hair”

  1. Ruby October 24, 2012 at 9:07 am #

    They sell it on the Shopping Channel. Really well priced and getting rave reviews. As someone who at 45 has three heads of hair on one head (yes my hair is extremely thick) and long and grows like a weed I believe her when she says she does not wear extensions. If you look at all her movie rolls dating back from the beginning and also pics of her when she was young she has always had a full head of hair. I just saw her yesterday on TV and on the Shopping Channel.

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