One Nail Trend to Keep for 2012. . . and One to Toss

8 Jan

As a perpetual nail-biter, keeping my nails looking good is a full-time job. However, it’s easy to get stuck in a rut with the same old French manicure or a classic red, especially in the professional world.  Here is one trend any girl can pull off, as well as one trend it’s time to bid goodbye.

Geaux Tigers! Purple Topped with Gold Glitter

Co-eds have always been decking themselves out in their team’s colors whether it’s been by wearing a game day shirt or by sporting full torso paint.  Instead of doing the obvious, try showing your team spirit in an unexpected way.  Use the tips of your nails that are normally reserved for boring white and spice them up with your favorite team’s colors.  If you’re feeling a tad edgy, throw in some eye-catching nail art on your ring finger.  The effect is of-the-moment as well as spirited.

Not Hot in 2012

While pointed nails were all the rage on runways this past year, this is one look that most of us need to lose.  Unless you have small, petite hands with long slender fingers, the points will likely make you look like you were dressing for Halloween.  A classic oval shape or a square nail with rounded edges are universal shapes that will look great on any woman’s hand.

Make trying something new one of your resolutions for the new year!

(Thanks to Valerie Comeaux for contributing this article to Ciao Beautiful!)


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