Five Things I Will NOT Be Doing in 2012

3 Jan

Hello 2012!

As another year comes to a close, we tend to plan out our resolutions instead of making note of what we learned not to do (ever again) from our experiences in the past year. Here are a few things I learned in 2011…

1. Do Not Ignore Your Gut When it Comes Your Landlords Sanity

Because mine is batsh*t crazy! (excuse my language) I saw the telltale signs, but I choose to ignore them because the apartment was so fabulous. But this place just isn’t worth dealing with that woman. Not only is she nuts, but she refuses to pick up her dog’s business in our shared backyard that has no grass whatsoever. Yup that’s right, all cement, and there are flies all around to prove it. So be sure to check for your landlord’s cleaning habits before agreeing to share a space. There should be a full disclosure when you plopping down cash for a place, especially when it comes to mental health.

I have the Before Down... but I Need to Work on the After

2.Do Not Buy More “Projects”, When I Have Yet to Complete the First “Project”

I tend to look at old pieces of furniture and think to myself, “boy wouldn’t that be cute in a stressed red color and only $15… SOLD!”. Unfortunately, it has resulted in a basement full of old, worn-out furniture just waiting for me to work my magic. Resolution: work on my projects that are stacked in my basement.

You Try to Fit This Underneath the Seat in Front of You

3. Do Not Trust an Airline When They Tell You That You Don’t Need to Do Anything Special When Travelling with a Pet

Boy was this disaster. I called ahead of time to see what the requirements/forms were needed to travel with a cat. All I needed was the correct size carrier… simply a carrier. I asked once again, “anything else at all I need??”. Nothing else was the response. Oh boy was that wrong. Apparently, you have to reserve a spot for your pet on a flight beforehand, because there are only a certain amount of pets allowed. Oh, and if your carrier is a millimeter off, they will not let you on the plane. Special thanks to my roommate Whitney for helping me out with this crisis.

4. Do Not Wait Until the Last Weekend of an Exhibit to Check it Out, Even if You Do Set Your Alarm to Wake Up Early

That would be the Alexander McQueen Exhibit to be exact. My friend Danielle and I tried to go early on the last Saturday of the exhibit. We thought getting their right when the exhibit opened would get us in. Boy were we wrong. Line was minimum four hours long. It was wrapped around the entire building on both sides. Needless to say, we bailed and had brunch. The pancakes were delicious.

Who's With Me?

5. Do Not Follow a Running Crowd to Another Subway Train

This is funny… So I get to my connecting stop on the subway, and need to get on the G. Well, everyone runs off of our train onto the G train across the track – these trains tend to shut doors on people. Since everyone was running to catch this train, I thought it was a good idea to run too. Until we got to the next stop and realized I headed in the wrong direction. That added another 20 minutes to my ride home. Needless to say, I do not follow crowds anymore.

I’ve learned plenty of life lessons this past year, let’s just hope I don’t have to learn them again in 2012.

Oh and a resolution I have added to my list… get off of this Kardashian bandwagon. Did you know Kim K. gets $10,000 to tweet about one product just once! Really? Come on America! We are much smarter than this!

Happy New Year!



One Response to “Five Things I Will NOT Be Doing in 2012”

  1. Ashley Smith January 4, 2012 at 10:41 am #

    Love it! Stop the INSANITY!!!!
    But we can still watch the Bachelor, right?

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