Lipgloss & Nail Polish in LED

7 Dec

Pure Illumination Lip Gloss with LED Light

Technology meets beauty! Now this is really neat. A girlfriend of mine showed me this on our ride home from the office today, because she knew I would just love it. She was right!

Pure Illumination lip gloss ($20) has an LED light on the applicator and a mirror on the side so you can apply even in pitch black darkness. I gave it a test run and it sheds some serious light. Usually when you have a product with a gimmicky package, the product sucks, but this is not the case with this lip gloss. The lip gloss contains a moisturizing blend of medical grade lanolin, sweet almond oil, jojoba and vitamin E. It soothes and protects lips while adding shine. My lips felt very moisturized and the color was beautiful.

My Friend Using the Actual Lipgloss - No Flash!


Pure Illumination has various products with this LED light to help you apply beauty products flawlessly. The company sells nail polish ($5), lip plumper ($35)  and  mascara ($25). Pure Illumination also sells a lip scrub (no LED light) but that sounds intriguing. Check out more of their products here.

These would be great stocking stuffers…

Pure Illumination Nail Polish



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