I Found “The One”!

5 Dec


My First Love – Alita Graham

Yet another fantastic weekend running throughout this big city! It is going to take multiple blog posts to address all the wonderful things that happened, but first I will share with you the BEST part about the weekend…

I found my Wedding Dress!

It was fate. But let’s start from the beginning, because finding a wedding dress is definitely a process… an exhausting process. My very first appointment was at Kleinfelds on October 28th. My Mom flew into town and we started the search. Now let me preface this by saying, I was never one of these girls who had every detail of her wedding planned, I had no picture of what type of wedding dress I wanted to try on (I am sure the consultant loved that). But there, I saw this stunning dress. It was everything I thought I didn’t want, it was big with lace, but it was absolutely gorgeous. I fell in love! This exclusive Alita Graham dress was the front-runner, but I couldn’t commit. I left empty-handed.

Alita Graham Chapel Train

My next appointment was at Gabriella on the West Side. It was a very cute bridal boutique that was in a converted apartment. Every dress I tried on there was beautiful. The service was top-notch. If you want personalized service, definitely go here. However, everything was a minimum of $5,000 – just to warn you. But I fell in love with another dress. It was completely opposite of the one from Kleinfelds. It was form-fitted, modern take on lace by Ulla Maija. It was beautiful, and my mom’s favorite of the day.

Second Love - Ulla Maija


So I was confused between a form-fitted and a natural-waist A-line dress… what is a girl to do?

I made another appointment at Kleinfelds to try on the Alita Graham dress one last time to confirm that this was the dress. But fate had other plans. My consultant breaks the news to me that she no longer has the Alita Graham dress, it had sold. I could still get it made, but I would not be able to try it on. She brings me a few other options, all of which do not live up to the Alita Graham. Then, she pulls a dress that just came in the day before. I was the very first person to try it on. Immediately, seeing it on the hanger, my friend and I are loving it. I put it on and it was instant love! This was the one! I just knew it… no tears (I don’t cry over these things) but I just knew it. When you know you know.

Of course, you will not see a picture of it on here… that is very bad luck! You will have to wait to see after my wedding day in 2012.

Beautiful Buttons all the Way Down the Back

How was the Service at Kleinfelds? I am sure a lot of you are wondering if Kleinfelds is really like the show Say Yes to the Dress… and it is similar but not nearly as exciting. The store is huge, well for NYC. I got to meet Randy during the first appointment, but he wasn’t running around consulting. He shows up 10 minutes before taping then leaves. You see cameras every now and then, but they actually film in an entirely separate area. My first appointment was terrible, and I would not have even gone back if it wasn’t for the Alita Graham dress. My consultant didn’t pull anything I was remotely interested in, and I was actually the one who picked the Alita Graham. She was very pushy about me making a decision and told me Gabriella’s was like a David’s Bridal – which it wasn’t even remotely close to a David’s Bridal. So I requested a new consultant for my second appointment. Obviously, She did fantastic! I did get to meet the owner of Kleinfelds and they had a couple of Randy-type men walking around to tell you how great you look. However, the consultant forgot my name and wasn’t the least bit subtle about it, but besides that no complaints. They even let me use the web camera so my mom could see the dress – this was important to me because I don’t know if I could have made the final decision without her seeing it. If you are in the city, I highly recommend going to Kleinfelds. You will definitely be able to find your perfect dress here – they have so many! And reasonable prices are always nice…

Claire Pettibone Chantilly Dress





2 Responses to “I Found “The One”!”

  1. Lenzi December 5, 2011 at 10:18 pm #

    Love it! I’m so excited you found the one 🙂

  2. Ashley Smith December 6, 2011 at 10:43 am #

    You look amazing in all the dresses! Amazing that you were able to pick just one! Can’t wait to see it all come together.

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