What Makes You Feel Beautiful?

15 Nov

"Social Constipation"

I came across this article in Glamour written by my favorite housewife ever, Bethenny Frankel, about How To Make Time For Love. It is full of her funny Bethenny-isms, such as a term I could only believe Bethenny herself coined, social constipation. The article is all about, how us women get stuck in our routine that we don’t make time to live life (See full article here). This is so true! We are glued to our daily regimens, and we get stuck in a social rut.

This got me thinking about beauty ruts… I suffer from them all the time. It is so easy to slip into a beauty rut, whether you have a man or not. Each one of us have a few items on a checklist that we must check off to feel beautiful and give us that extra boost of confidence. Of course, I am not discounting the beauty that comes from within, but the few beauty essentials that matter most to you. Here is my beauty checklist:

1. Nails Polished and Painted – I don’t feel put together when my nails are chipped. I feel more presentable to the world and workplace. I perceive nails as showing others that I take the time and effort for myself.

2. Eyebrows Waxed – Now I might be alone on this front, because I have such large eyebrows (honestly, they are out of control). I feel like my makeup looks cleaner and my eyes look brighter. This is a definite must!

3. Legs Shaved – As much as shaving is a pain in the you know what, there is not way I can feel beautiful without smooth legs. Just as simple as that.

4. A Haircut – now I don’t mean going out and getting a haircut every week, but I do need to cut it every 2-3 months. If I go any longer, my layers start to look terrible and I just end up pinning my hair back, which doesn’t make me feel as pretty.

5. White Teeth – I have been a huge user of Crest Whitestrips since I was in high school, and I ALWAYS keep a box on hand to do whitening “touchups”. Nothing is worse than seeing pictures and immediately going to your photo editor to use the teeth whitening tool… I’ve been there.

These are my five must-haves so I can feel fully confident. What are your must-haves? Let’s agree to put these beauty rituals on our priority list so “ruts” can be a thing of the past! Now in the words of Bethenny Frankel, go “get your party on!”



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