Catwalk to Sidewalk: The Latest Hair Trend

11 Nov

Alexander McQueen Fall 2011

Ever wonder how what you see in runway shows translates to the real world? Well here is a perfect example of an upcoming trend that will be big in hair in 2012.

Alexander McQueen’s Fall 2011 runway show featured models with futuristic look. Hair embellished with hair clips all over, creating a metal cap. Of course this is an extreme hair trend, but that is how the fashion world works! We all can’t be Lady GaGa.. so we see extreme styles on the Catwalk and tone them down to work in the real world.

Extreme to Toned Down


Translation: Use multiple, colored bobby pins or snap clips to create a metal design. So instead of using bobby pins that blend with your hair, use an opposite color to have them stand out. I have started to see this trend in the streets of NYC and I am very excited about it!

Still too daring? Toss out that hair flower you have been wearing and trade up to a big clip. I will definitely be sporting this trend immediately. I am in LOVE!



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