4 Nov

Passion is chills running down your spine the moment you step into Death Valley

Passion is the Game Day 6am wake up call

Passion is sporting Purple & Gold to work… with your Tiger Tail

Passion is eating grass just because Les does it

Passion is losing your voice from yelling “Tiger Bait”

Passion is making the great Tim Tebow cry

Passion is correcting spelling mistakes… for the record its GEAUX

Passion is in our cooking

Passion is our Punter having Swagger

Passion is a LSU koosie on hand and a flask in the back pocket

Passion is uprooting goal posts in celebration… Twice

Passion is breaking out in goosebumps from watching the 2007 winning touchdown pass against Auburn

Passion is the Chancellor taking on PETA… and winning

Passion is lighting a candle and saying a prayer at Sunday Mass for a Tiger victory

Our Passion caused an Earthquake…

We bleed Purple & Gold


We. Want. Bama.

I dare you to watch and not get chills

All I Do Is Win! – Last Year Hype Up Video (It still does the trick)

The Miracle Catch: LSU vs Auburn 2007 (I was lucky enough to witness this miracle in person)


One Response to “Passion”

  1. Leighanne November 5, 2011 at 1:12 pm #

    Is the “losing your voice” one dedicated to me? =) GEAUX TIGERS!!!!

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