Is Your Hair Damaged?

2 Nov

Main Source of Damage

We are all guilty of it… we crank up the heat on our blow dryers, straigteners and curling irons, and do very little to protect our strands.  But this abusive relationship has got to stop! Granted, you will never be able to completely prevent damage, but there are some tips and tricks to help keep your hair healthier.

There is a quick, easy 10-second test you can do at home to see if your hair is damaged. Fill an eight ounce cup with water and pluck a strand of hair from your head. Place the strand in the water and watch for the hair to sink. The faster and deeper the strand sinks means the more damaged the strand. If it floats, your hair is healthy!

Damaged Hair Test

What causes your hair to sink? Your hair has, what scientists call cuticles, that form a protective barrier around your hair to help lock in essential proteins and moisture. Heat and chemical damage causes breaks and holes within this protective barrier allowing water to get inside the hair to wash our your protein, moisture and even hair color. Ideally, water droplets should be able to sit on top of a single strand of hair and not seep into the strand, but when hair is damaged, water seeps in causing it to sink. So when you hear of a product that smoothes down cuticles, then the product helps to protect the hair.

Tip #1: Use a lower heat setting on your styling tools. Hot styling tools break down the cuticle, resulting in the inner part of the hair absorbing water. This means on a humid day, your hair will soak up water resulting in frizz! Styling tools go up to 450 degrees, so instead of putting your straigthener on the highest setting, take it down a few notches to around 375 degrees. I promise your hair will still straighten!

Tip #2: Use a heat protection product. A lot of styling products you may have already contain heat protection, so check the back of the packaging. But if not, you can find a heat protection spray at your local drugstore. Tresemme has a Thermal Creation Heat Tamer Spray for under $5.

Tresemme Thermal Creations Heat Tamer Spray

Tip #3: Make sure your hair is 100% dry before using a straigthener or curling iron. Using these styling tools on wet hair will undoubtedly fry your hair.

Tip #4: Use a deep conditioner once a week. This is like moisturizer for your hair after you spent the entire week drying it out with heat; give it a little extra TLC.

Lastly, natural texture hair is in! Now put down the straightener and walk away… slowly…


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