Callin’ Baton Rouge

25 Oct

This past weekend was our annual girl’s trip to Baton Rouge to watch the LSU Tigers whip some butt in football. We reminisce on the carefree days of college, try to party like we were in college and hope to make it back Monday morning for work (or at least make an effort to try not to call in sick).

Complete madness occurs when we all get together. There are plenty of hugs, happy tears and laughter. Each year we get to see how much we have grown up and are taking the next steps in our lives, whether it is marriage, a new relationship, a child on the way, a new job or new move. I couldn’t be more thrilled with all of my friends and how we have grown. We have made it through fights, boyfriends and other unimportant things that just do not matter. I am extremely lucky to have them in my life and hope I can continue to have them there for as long as they will have me!

Friday Night at the Bulldog


LOVE her!


Look at Her Personality (aka MAC Red Lipstick)


Scott Telling His Side of the Engagement Story...


PGA Tailgate


Big Jenga! Tailgate


Scott and I in Tiger Stadium


Let's Geaux Tigers!

I hope life keeps allowing us to get together each year… and if this past weekend is any sign of how my wedding festivities will be, all I have to say is… Bring it

One Response to “Callin’ Baton Rouge”

  1. Leighanne October 27, 2011 at 1:20 am #

    That seriously made me cry! All we have come through and what’s yet to come. Scary how fast time has gone by and how fast we’re growing up, but enjoying every moment of it! Love you friend! Can’t wait to those wedding festivities!!!!

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