Be My Bridesmaid?

12 Oct


I Love Crafts

Thanks to my new addiction, Pinterest, I have managed to come up with some of the best DIY crafting ideas. One of these being a creative way to ask my lovely ladies to be my bridesmaids. Since I live hundreds of miles away from each of them, I didn’t want to just shoot them a text  or give them a call, I wanted to get a little creative. I call them Bridesmaids Boxes.

Warning: These cute little boxes do take time, and there was a warning on the original page I got the idea from but managed to conveniently skip over that part. I spent a whole weekend working on these boxes (but then again I do have 11 bridesmaids). Although it was time-consuming, it was 100% worth it!

Bridesmaids Box

Materials you will need:

– Wooden Boxes (check out for the card boxes I used, only $2 a piece)

– Paint for the boxes (I used 4oz for the 11 boxes)

– Foam Paint Brush

– Paint Pen

– Note Cards (I used three per box)

– Ribbon

– Printed Images of Wedding Ideas (Optional)

What is so great about this DIY project is that you can totally make it your own. You can add some handkerchiefs to the bottom of the box, make it more colorful, change the font, anything you want! But here is what I did…

inspiration & Ideas

I started by painting the entire box, three layers on the outside of the box and two layers on the inside. I used a light pink color to go with my very feminine wedding theme. Next, I printed out the words in an even more girly font “Be My Bridesmaid?” so I can copy it onto the top of the box. To copy the font in pencil, flip the paper over and shade the back of the letters in a thick pencil, flip it back over (where the letter are facing you) and place on top of the area you want the words to be placed, and trace with a pencil. Magically the words show up in pencil on the box! Then simply use the paint pen and go over the tracing.

Finished Look

Next I took notecards and wrote a sweet, personalized letter, asking my friends if they would stand beside me on the best day of my life. Then on the second post card, I wrote about my vision for their dresses. I am letting my bridesmaids pick their own dresses so I had to lay out a few ground rules. One way to help explain to them the color I had in mind was using paint chips from the hardware store. I am asking them to get a beige colored dress, so I found a great color on a paint chip and put one in each of the boxes. I used the third notecard to act as a book cover and tied a pretty yellow ribbon around the cards.

Finally, I put images of my inspiration and dress ideas so the girls will have an idea of what I am wanting them to purchase. I want this to be a simple and easy process for them. And luckily, all 11 said yes!

Where the Idea Began

Check out where I got the originally idea from here.



3 Responses to “Be My Bridesmaid?”

  1. lyndseybeth October 12, 2011 at 11:59 pm #

    oh my gosh I love this. Too bad I didn’t see this before I asked mine! Thanks so much, from one DIY bride to another! haha

    • Ciao Beautiful October 13, 2011 at 8:36 pm #

      Thanks so much Lyndsey! I had a blast making these! PS love your blog!

  2. Lenzi October 14, 2011 at 2:56 pm #

    Best idea ever! The perfect keepsake 🙂

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