Product Review: Aquage Uplifting Foam

11 Oct

Aquage Uplifting Foam

I was hearing a lot of great things about this Aquage Uplifting Foam so I decided to do a little personal investigating. First, I learned that this root boosting styling product has been around for a least a decade – which in this ever-changing market is incredible. There are only a handful of products that I know remain around in the market for that long. Next was to find out exactly what this Uplifting Foam claims to do and if I think it actually worked…

Aquage’s Uplifting Foam claims to be a weightless volumizer, with medium hold, long-lasting style retention without stiffness outfitted with a pinpoint nozzle to concentrate at the root for maximum lift. You apply it to freshly washed, towel-dried hair in a zig-zag pattern and brush throughout entire hair. You can spray extra product directing to scalp to lift the root area. Then you style with a round brush to help reinforce the volume and bounce.

Ok so this process stated above is great in theory, but honestly who uses product exactly as stated? We all have different needs and the directions above are for shorter hairstyles with lots of layers. I tried the product in two different ways. The first was strictly as a root lifter and the second as a root lifter + a bodifyer. I must note that I do not use a round brush, I am a blow dryer blaster – get it done as soon as possible.

So how did this product perform compared to what it “claims” to do for your hair? It actually did great!

Applied to Hair Concentrating on Root Area

1. Weightless Volumizier or Big Weigh Down? definitely a weightless volumzier and I loved it! It is surprising to find a product that is this lightweight and actually works. So props to Aquage for accomplishing this difficult task. Especially using it as a root booster, your hair can get a little stiff near the scalp when you use too much product.

2. Medium Hold or Falling Flat? I would say medium is the best way to describe the hold level. So do not expect for your volume boost to last 24 hours, but it will get you through a girls night out.

3. Long-Lasting Style Retention or Short Lived Drama? Long-Lasting memory. Now you may ask how is this different from the hold factor. Style retention is really your hair’s ability to recreate the original style desired, or simply remember it. So if you hair starts to fall flat, a little bit of teasing and touch-up will reset your style, and your roots will be lifted once again.

Styled Out Hair Using Aquage

4. Pinpoint Nozzle or a Hot Mess? This is a tough one, I think it is in the middle. In the picture on the website it shows a long nozzle that is probably a half of an inch, but in actuality it is more like a slight extension, VERY SLIGHT. While it is still effective, I think it could have better pinpoint abilities.

Overall: I am converted! I LOVE this volumizer. I mainly use it to boost up my roots, but when I am feeling spicy, I will use it to boost my strands. This is the perfect root lifter for anyone with fine-medium hair types.

Did You Know: Another benefit to using a mousse at the roots will help ward off oil for longer? If your hair tends to get a bit oily throughout the day, use a mousse at the roots! Try it, trust me.


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