Beautiful Lengths

29 Sep

Beautiful, Long Hair

As women, we always want what we don’t have… Straight haired women long for body and bounce, curly-haired woman pray for frizz-free, straight hair and I want Vavoom Victoria’s Secret Hair. This might be the reason we go to such lengths to change-up our hairstyle. One common side effect of the “grass is greener on the other side” syndrome is the chopping of the hair.

Guilty! I would constantly grow my hair long and then once satisfied, cut it to my shoulders and start the process all over again. I never liked my hair short, but for some reason it was an easy change-up. About four years ago I chopped my hair to right above my shoulders, hated it, and decided I would grow it super long and never cut it again. So I began the journey of beautiful lengths.

Hairdressers Know Best

I worked closely with my hairdresser to maintain my hair’s health, while letting it grow. Warning: It takes a long time to grow HEALTHY, long hair. Any one can just grow their hair, but the key is to keep it looking beautiful and shiny. It took me about three years to get it to the length I had always envisioned. Here are my tips for growing healthy hair:

1. Change up your routine cut from every 4-6 weeks to every 12 weeks – Hair grows an average of a half of an inch every four weeks. When you visit the salon to get a cut, your stylist usually cuts a half-inch off, meaning you would successfully grow your hair an inch every 12 weeks.

2. Ask your Stylist’s Opinion on the Health of Your Hair – Even though stylist’s usually cut a half inch off your hair, sometimes your hair might need more. Factors could be the weather, increased styling tool usage or even shampooing more often. So ask how much your Stylist thinks you should cut off. This is important to keep long hair looking healthy. A split end quickly becomes a problem just like a rip in pantyhose, it never stops! Better to snip the problem early than having to cut more off later.

Use a Deep Conditioner

3. Use a Deep Conditioning Treatment Once a Week – Think about it, if your hair only grows a half of an inch every four weeks, that means the end of your hair could be two years old! Imagine the heat and stress you have put it through. Deep conditioning is a must to keep hair healthy and nourished.

4. Use a Wide Tooth Comb on Wet Hair, Always – You know those tiny little fly aways all over your head that pop up after you spent hours smoothing your hair? Well a wide tooth comb will take care of those pesky broken hairs. When hair is wet it becomes more elastic. When you brush wet hair with a normal hair brush you stretch out these hairs making the strands more fragile, resulting in breakage. A wide tooth comb will not stretch out wet hair.

Good luck on your Beautiful Lengths Journey! Happy growing!


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