My Pinterest Addiction

23 Sep

Greatest Social Network Ever!

If you love crafts/DIY items in any way or dream of being the most creative hostess for your next holiday party – Pinterest is a must! Pinterest is a social website that combines creativity, with facebook and the bookmark function. I am seriously addicted and spend a good two hours or so a day pinning new images – I love it!

You sign up (usually takes a few days because there is a waitlist) and create various boards. For example, I have a “shoes“, “food is a work of art“, “My Style Pinboard“, “For the Home“, “Products I Love” and “Wedding Ideas“. You can create as any or little as you like. When you sign up, the website prompts you to put a tool on your tool bar called “Pin it”. So every time you come across a photo you love, just click “Pin it” on the toolbar and you make a comment and place it on a certain board. For example, I am shopping for shoes and find a pair I love, I simply click “Pin it”, select the board “Shoes” and write a blurb and it posts! Then I can go back anytime and click on the image and it will take me back to the original website where I found the shoes.

Example of Your Pinterest Boards

Anyone on Pinterest can comment, repin or like your images and of course you can do the same. You can also follow people, so if my friend gets an account I can choose to follow her to see what she is pinning. You can follow random people and randoms can follow you (follow me here). So needless to say this is a mecca for ideas from fashion to events. There is also an app for your smart phone so you can pin on the go!

I am so glad this genius network came around just in time for my wedding – I have gotten so many ideas! Sign up and follow my wedding board and feel free to comment on my dresses, cakes, colors, etc. I love to hear from my readers!

At Little Teaser: A few images you can find on my wedding board.

Cake Option?


Bridal Bouquet??


Wedding Day Hair??



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