The #1 Pizzeria in NYC

13 Sep


Grimaldi's Coal Brick Oven Pizza in Dumbo, Brooklyn

Food can definitely be a work of art, even if it is round and comes in slices. Sunday I decided to be a little bit of a tourist and wait in line for NYC’s #1 Pizzeria, Grimaldi’s. When in Rome, right?

First off, I was slightly disappointed at the outside look of the place, particularly the duck tape on the door. But if life has taught me anything, it is that hole in the wall restaurants are usually the best tasting. So duck tape the entire place because the pizza was delicious! 


Monitoring the Tables

An Italian gentlemen monitors the open table situation to keep the line moving, dressed in all black with white accents and a matching fedora. I loved it! A customer was next in line and in a thick Italian/Brooklyn accent the man says “put out that cigarette, listen to me, if you don’t get if them (cigarettes) they get rid of you”. Great advice, so true!

After about a 30 minute wait (not too bad) we got in. We ordered our sodas and the original margarita pizza. Within ten minutes, the coal-fired brick oven pizza was making my mouth water. You have to get a whole pizza, there are no slices at Grimaldi’s, no slices and cash only as the sign clearly states. I probably could have eaten an entire small pizza myself. This pizza was so light and the sauce was incredible. All I kept saying was how light the pizza was compared to a Domino’s or Papa John’s – delicious. I can see why it was named in the top five best pizza’s by Food Network.

Constant Line Outside

After devouring the eight slices, the check came. Only $21!! So cheap! And the Italian Man took a picture with me – so it was all in all a great lunch.

If you ever find yourself in NYC, I suggest walking the Brooklyn Bridge from NYC to Brooklyn and walk to the original Grimaldi’s. It is located in DUMBO, Brooklyn near the end of the bridge.

Enough Said


Me with the Advice Giver



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