Brushes 101

12 Sep

Flat Brushes, Round Brushes and Combs Oh My!

Choosing a hairbrush is like picking a pair of underwear. There are many shapes and colors, but sometimes you get burned by your purchase because they are down right uncomfortable. I am here to help your sift through the misfits so you can find the right brush. There are four types of brushes a live by and use nearly everyday: a wide tooth comb, a flat brush, a round brush and a teasing comb.

Wide Tooth Comb for Wet Hair

A wide tooth comb is a must for everyone, and I cannot stress this enough. You know those tiny little fly aways all over your head that pop up after you have spent hours smoothing your hair? Well a wide tooth comb will take care of these pesky broken hairs. When hair is wet it becomes more elastic. When you brush wet hair with a normal hair brush you stretch out these hairs making the strands more fragile resulting in breakage. A wide tooth comb will not stretch out wet hair, preventing the premature breakage. I have converted to a wide tooth comb for a couple of years now and I can tell a big difference.

Flat Brush for Smoothing Hair

A flat brush, or paddle brush,  is great for smoothing hair, especially your ends. So if you are going for a straighter look I would use a flat brush only after your hair is 80% dry – to prevent the breakage mentioned above.

A round brush is the best tool you can use to give your hair body and bounce. Although round brushes are hard to master, it is totally worth the effort. Just like with any talent, it takes patience and practice. Section off hair as if you were curling your hair, and work through the entire head. Remember to use when hair is about 80% dry! If you want a quick root lift, use the round brush at your roots. TIP: Use your blow dryer as a third hand. The snout of your blower can hold the section of hair you are currently round brushing.

Round Brush for Body

A teasing comb is perfect for poofing up that hair. Teasing, or backcombing, brushes are unique in that it has three rows of bristles instead of just a single like a regular comb. The design maximizes your teasing efforts. Only use a teasing comb when hair is completely dry. TIP: use a little hair powder with the teasing comb to get epic lift. The higher the hair the closer you are to God (thanks Most Eligiable Dallas).

Teasing Comb for Poofing

But what is your hair is really tangled… simple. Use the wide tooth comb while you are in the shower. Once you put conditioner in your hair and let it set for a couple of minutes, begin using the wide tooth comb starting at the ends and working your way up through the knot. Be patient and do not force it.

On the flip side, If you want to maximize texture in your hair you shouldn’t use any type of brush or comb when you hope out of the shower. Try it sometime, you might really like how your hair turns out!



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