Every Fashionista’s Dream: Backstage at Fashion Week!!!

9 Sep

Yes Please!

Ah-Mazing! I experienced first hand the beginning of the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week here in NYC. I am one lucky gal! I got a tour backstage to see where all the magic happens and it truly was magical.

To set the scene for you, Fashion week is held in Lincoln Center, a performing arts section of town that is absolutely beautiful. I have been to Lincoln Center once before to see the Nutcracker. Lincoln Center is probably the cleanest area of the city, in my opinion. Just stunning!

If you are aspiring model or just want publicity, all you need to do is put on your trendiest outfit and walk around Lincoln Center during Fashion Week. TONS of photographers and bloggers hang around the beautiful fountain trying to find ordinary people with the best (and possibly worst) outfits. Seriously, I first walked up and saw all these photographers taking this woman’s picture and immediately I thought it was someone famous – except I did not recognize her. Turns out it is just a lover of fashion strutting her stuff! I was also asked to give me opinion on camera of upcoming fashion trends I have seen, when the link is posted (and if I don’t look completely terrible) I will share with you guys.

Largest Runway at Fashion Week

Immediately when we walked up the stairs to the building, Kelly Cutrone stopped by to say hi. Kelly Cutrone had her own show called Kell on Earth and was also on the Hills and the City. She looks just like she does on her shows, all in black and no makeup – very New York. You walk in a different booths are set up with all the sponsors. TRESemme has an area where you can get your hair done for the shows, Maybelline had a stage where you could get your makeup done and Mercedes had their latest cars on display.


Next we went into each of the runway rooms to check out the set up. Did you know they repaint the runway after each show?! Designers have a total of three hours of time, one hour to set up backstage, one hour to rehearse and to actually put on the show and one hour to unload. That must be absolutely crazy. We then went behind the big screen to see where the models get ready, and let me tell you that space is so small. They cram models, makeup artists, hair stylists, editors, photographers and staff all in this tiny area. It was absolutely nuts!

Lastly, we went to the VIP lounge to have a glass of champagne and watch the Rebecca Taylor show. Let me tell you Spring 2012 will be filled with flowers, lace and even some sparkles!

VIP Lounge - Love Orchids!

Sponsor Area


One Response to “Every Fashionista’s Dream: Backstage at Fashion Week!!!”

  1. Lenzi September 13, 2011 at 9:07 pm #

    So cooool friend!! I used to be OBSESSED with the show “Kell on Earth!” Love that you’re getting to have these amazing experiences!

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