Trend Alert: Hair Powder

8 Sep

Use Powder to Achieve this Look!

Now this is an innovative product I am really excited about! Hair powders are starting to flood the market similar to dry shampoo, but do not get the two confused. While hair powders and dry shampoos are very close in benefits, hair powders are used primarily for styling not oil absorption.

I have personally tested many hair powders over the past year and I have noticed three different types:

1. Powders that become liquid (i.e., Aveda Pure Abundance Hair Potion)

2. Powders that volumize and texturize with long-lasting hold – this type tends to be a fluffier powder (i.e., Osis Dust It)

3. Powders that volumize and texturize but doesn’t hold – this type tends to be a grainy powder (i.e., Big Sexy Hair Powder Play)

Aveda Pure Abundance Hair Powder

Generally, if you take a look at the ingredient deck on most of the powders out on the market, they tend to use the same ingredients. So if you are looking for a hair powder I would start with the cheapest you can find and go from there. Test it out see if it works for you, if not move on to the next one.

My personal favorite is the Osis Dust It powder – it does a fabulous job of adding texture and root lift and actually holds your style. I prefer the fulffier type of powder to the liquid or the grainy, it is just much easier to work into my hair.

But how do you actually use a hair powder? Everyone seems to be very confused, and rightfully so. There are two ways I use hair powders:

Osis Dust It Hair Powder

Option 1: Use with a teasing comb to pump up the roots. This is super easy, especially if you are used to teasing your hair. Back in the day I used to use hair spray to tease, but this powder works a million times better. Just take a section of hair on your crown, sprinkle the powder directly on your roots then begin backcombing the roots. Repeat this method until you have teased your crown. Flip your hair back over and smooth down the sections. Finish off with hairspray. TIP: don’t just tease the back of your crown, tease the sides as well to give a fuller look so you don’t end up looking like snookie.

Simply Part your Hair, Shake Some Powder and Tease Away!

Option 2: Use throughout your hair to increase matted texture. Perfect to use when you are trying to get sexy bed head. You can use in straight or wavy hair to add texture. Simply sprinkle powder into your hands then run your hands through your hair. Add as much or as little powder as you desire.

You can also share this product with your man. Hair powders work even better on short hair. Give your man the sexy, carefree look without the feel of a gross gel.




One Response to “Trend Alert: Hair Powder”

  1. Lenzi September 8, 2011 at 7:33 pm #

    I have GOT to try some of this. Sis and I are big teasers but we use hairspray – I’m already sold on the powder!!!!

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