Paul Mitchell’s #1 Best Selling Iron

21 Aug

Paul Mitchell Express Ion Smooth

Straighteners have come a long way since the first, large Helen of Troy hit the market. Paul Mitchell’s Express Ion Smooth is the best flat-iron I have ever used and is Paul Mitchell’s #1 selling styling iron. I have tested many straighteners in my life, even tried a real iron… you know for clothes (not smart). I have been using the Paul Mitchell flat-iron for a good six years now, and each time I use it I am amazed at how great it works. 

Flat ironing can be very damaging to your hair and having a ceramic iron can help limit the damage. You do not want an iron that gets caught up on any section of your hair. The delayed drag can result in the iron being placed on any section of hair for an extra second and can completely fry your hair. Ceramic irons can help glide easier so you spend an equal amount of time on each strand of hair, minimizing the damage. But remember, using a flat-iron is very damaging and you should always use some type of heat protection product, always. Another tip to minimize damage is to use your straightener on the lowest heat setting, that is still effective on your hair. So instead of putting it on the highest heat setting, try to set it on 100 degrees cooler, I bet it still works!

Paul Mitchell’s Express Ion Smooth is ceramic and has ion technology to boost your hair’s shine levels. It heats up to 400 degrees in just a mere 60 seconds. This straightener glides smoothly through your hair and straightens quicker than any other iron I have tried. It is also extremely durable, I have had this iron for about five years now and it is still working like new.

Paul Mitchell has a fabulous return policy on their styling tools. The first Express Ion Smooth I had purchased stopped working after a few months due to a short in the wire, and I shipped it back and received a brand new iron for free and I have been using the free one ever since. The iron runs about $160 and in my opinion, totally worth it.


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