Finding Your Signature Scent

18 Aug

What is Your Signature Scent

Every woman needs a scent that defines her. When she walks into the room, her man will immediately notice and when she leaves the smell with linger. The scent will need to bring back memories of her when she is gone and forever be tied to her.

How do you achieve this lasting impression as a woman? Well with a little shopping of course! There are a few simple rules you need to follow in order to find your signature scent.

1. Be exclusive – in order to establish a signature fragrance you need to commit to the scent 100% for a long period of time or it won’t be YOUR scent!

2. Beware Common Fragrances – if everyone is using it, then the scent will not remind him just of you.

3. Judge a Book by its Cover – the bottle design says a lot about a fragrance, so go for the design that fits you best whether it is flirty and playful or classic and retro.

4. Test Fragrance on Blotter – Once you have chosen a few interesting bottles, spray a little on a paper strip. Smell right when sprayed to get an initial feel, then wait until it dries and smell again to see how it changes. The fragrance will always change after it is dried.

5. Test on Yourself – Once you have narrowed down your selection to just a few, spray a little perfume on your wrists. You can use your inner elbow if you have more than two. Perfumes always smell different on different people, so you may love it on your friend but it doesn’t smell as pleasant on yourself.

6. Find Attraction – Smell yourself and find out which one you keep going back to and smelling. Feel free to leave the store and come back later. It is important to find out how long the fragrance lasts on your body, you wouldn’t want a perfume that doesn’t last more than two hours.

7. The One – Purchase the one that you will not stop smelling.

Viktor & Rolf Flower Bomb

Voila! You now have a signature scent.

And don’t be afraid to change-up your signature scent when you embark on a new phase in life, like a big move or a new relationship because scent is on of the most powerful senses that has the ability to take you back to a certain time and place of your life.

My Signature Fragrance: Viktor & Rolf’s Flower Bomb. A pink girly bottle, with sweet, vanilla top notes and a woodsy, musky bottom note.


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