Crazy About Pippa’s Bum

17 Aug

Pippa In Her White Dress

There has been a lot of spotlight on Pippa Middleton’s bottom side lately, and rightfully so. Did you see how stunning she looked at the royal wedding? She outshined Kate Middleton. Pippa’s white dress showed off her perfectly sculpted figure, with just a little bit of cleavage. I remember watching and falling in love with Pippa’s dress, not Kate’s. Beautiful!

Recently, the “news” shows have been reporting that Pippa might have worn padding on her back side to make her bum look a little fuller. First off, imagine if you were the soon-to-be princess’ maid of honor and had to wear that figure hugging dress in front of the ENTIRE world. I would totally wear a little padding if I needed it for that occasion. Secondly, how is it any different from wearing a padded bra? I know it isn’t as common, but it is the same premise. Victoria’s Secret now makes a bra that adds two cup sizes! I don’t see anything wrong with Pippa adding a little enhancement, if that is what she did. What do you think? Did she or didn’t she use a little padding?

Pippa’s Bum – Fake or Real?

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