Refresh Hair After a Workout, or Really Anywhere

13 Aug

Sweat Causes Oil in Hair

A loyal blog reader recently posed a question about how sweat from working out effects your hair. From a hair health standpoint, sweat does not damage or hurt your hair in any way. Sweat is mostly made up of water and a little bit of salt, and since it is naturally produced by your body it isn’t harmful. However, sweat does cause hair to get oily quicker and can leave your scalp a bit smelly. So you end up washing, blow drying and styling out your hair more often and this process is where the damage happens.  Luckily, the hair care world has come up with a solution, Dry Shampoo.

Dry Shampoo is seriously one of the best inventions to come around since sliced bread. Dry Shampoos have a long history with women. Back in the 60’s housewives used to use loose talc powder to freshen up and in the 70″s Pssst came out with the aerosol form of talc powder that was marketed for hospitals and nursing homes to keep patients hair clean. As we entered the 21st century salon brands revived this hidden gem and began to market it to the fashionistas as a style extender and it took off. Now you cannot read a magazine or go to any store without seeing a dry shampoo, seriously I even saw one at Urban Outfitters.

Before and After

Dry shampoo will remove dirt and oil to give you a freshly washed look without having to use water. Essentially, the molecules are donut shaped suction cups that suck up the dirt and oil into the hole of the donut and seal it in so you will not longer see the oil. So in actuality, you are not making oil disappear, just masking it. Either way this product is amazing!

Many forms and varieties have come out over the past few years. Typically dry shampoo is an aerosol that is white, but lately they have made clear versions, colored versions for different hair colors and even non-aerosols. There are waterless foam shampoos for curly hair, because curly hair is way dryer than normal and needs more moisture. I have started to see in the salon market Dry Conditioners as well. Dry Conditioners help restore shine, softness and bounce that hair typically loses on the second day.

Refresh Hair Anytime Anywhere

Dry shampoos also provide styling qualities that are rarely ever talked about. If you like have texture in your hair, dry shampoos are great for this type of style. Also, if you are working with an up-do style dry shampoo will give freshly washed hair some grip to help hold the style.

So how do you actually use a dry shampoo? It is super easy, just spray directly into roots and oily areas. If you use a dry shampoo that is not clear, you will notice some white residue. All you need to do it brush hair a little bit with your hands or a brush and the white will fade. You can also blast your roots with a blow dryer. If you have curly hair and are using the waterless foam shampoo, all you need to do is pump the foam into your hair and scrunch your curls and then pat with a towel. Pretty simple right?

I use the Suave Professionals Dry Shampoo Spray because it is under $3, but this formula is white. So if you are looking for a clear formula you should try Orbie Texturizing Dry Spray which is about $39. Tresemme also has a white dry shampoo for around $5 along with a waterless foam shampoo and recently they launched a strengthening and smoothing dry shampoo. Bumble & bumble have colored dry shampoos so you can choose the one that matches your hair color.

Suave Professionals Dry Shampoo Spray

Now feel free to go workout after work and use a little dry shampoo to freshen and then go on your hot date! Or, if you are like me and enjoy your sleep, sleep in bed a little bit longer in the mornings and use a dry shampoo before your day.


One Response to “Refresh Hair After a Workout, or Really Anywhere”

  1. Lenzi August 15, 2011 at 2:48 pm #

    freaking LOVE dry shampoo. I use it even on my CLEAN bangs now to keep them in place and thicken them up a bit. It’s seriously my favorite product ever!!!

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