Owls Meet Taggies… Taggies, Owls

9 Aug

Stitch by Jayde

It’s about 8pm and I am FINALLY getting home from work, and I see a package waiting for me. Who doesn’t love getting something in the mail that isn’t a bill? However, I already know this gift isn’t for me. I am really excited to see the contents, because it i actually an owl taggie that my sister-in-law recently started making. I have only seen pictures up until today and it is even cuter in person.

Saints Taggie

No friends, I am not pregnant, I actually got this gift for a friend of mine who just had a baby boy not too long ago. So you can rest easy.

A taggie is a blanket or stuffed animal with different “tags” or ribbons to simulate what you find on a blanket or pillow. A lot of little kids fin comfort in touching tags. Needless to say, they love these taggies with a bunch of tag options.

My sister-in-law’s named her business Stitch by Jayde and she makes a variety of colors. She will even customize to your requests. If you want neon, you can get neon. The price ranges from $15 (plus shipping) to $22 (plus shipping). Check out her Facebook page for more photos of her taggies.

Variety of Owl Taggies


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