When is the Last Time You Took a Bubble Bath?

6 Aug

Bubble Baths Not Just for Kids

I bet some of you were still under the age of ten when you last took a bubble bath. But some of you indulge and spoil yourself every now and again. I decided to indulge tonight. A couple of posts ago I talked about Sephora and the perks of the Beauty Insider membership. Since it is my birthday month, Sephora gave me a free gift which happened to be the Philosophy Happy Birthday Beautiful Shampoo, Body Wash and Bubble Bath.

Philosophy Products Make Great Gifts

Philosophy is a great bath and beauty range that I think is just perfect for gifts. It ranges from bubble bath to skin care to even make up. You could find a product for any personality. So if you are ever stumped on a gift to get a friend – any one of these products will be perfect (around $16 for a full bottle). The names of the products match the fragrances exactly. I have smelled and chosen many fragrances in beauty products before and I must admit Philosophy is an exceptional and a leader in the market.

The Happy Birthday Beautiful smells like a vanilla birthday cake. Most people might not want to smell like a birthday cake, but I assure you it is not overwhelming. It is the perfect amount of sweetness. I used this product as a bubble bath and it was quite nice. There were plenty of bubbles, but you did have to use a lot of the product. However, the directions do state use a generous amount for a bubble bath.

Philosophy Happy Birthday Beautiful

Best part, each product contains a philosophy on the front to match the name of the product. Happy Birthday Beautiful’s philosophy is “True Beauty is Ageless”. Love love!


One Response to “When is the Last Time You Took a Bubble Bath?”

  1. Lenzi L. August 7, 2011 at 1:34 pm #

    “Most people do not want to smell like a birthday cake” hehe that made me laugh 🙂 I swear everytime I hold Ava she smells like cotton candy…I’ve got to figure out what she’s wearing 😉
    Glad you enjoyed your bubbles!

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