Boys Weekend Out = Pampering Time

2 Aug

Face Mask

My boyfriend went on a camping trip with some of his high school friends through Colorado this last week and I like to take this “free” time to pamper myself. We all know there are some beauty upkeeps that your man should not be witness too, such bleaching the hair on your upper lip or plucking unwanted hairs (can you say man-repellant?)

One beauty ritual I like to give to myself is a mud/facial mask. I throughly enjoy walking around with my hair pinned up and a full-fledged green face, something that will most certainly frighten Scott. I love the refreshing feeling a cooling mask gives. I also love the tightening feeling as the mask hardens. I have no idea if these facial masks have any long-term beneficial effects, but my skin immediately feels softer, complexion and tone looks more even and overall I feel refreshed.

Alba Deep Sea Facial Mask

I used Alba Deep Sea Facial Mask. There was no rhyme or reason for me picking out this mask, I just used my judgement at the store. It claims to gently draw out impurities and excess oil that clog pores. This facial mask uses sea enzymes and aloe vera to tone and revitalize for a fresh, healthy complexion. I usually go for a mud type mask, but this one caught my eye. This Deep Sea facial mask doesn’t harden, but I really enjoyed the creamy nature of the product. It felt more soothing and soft, which was a good surprise.

The Alba Deep Sea Mask costs about $10 and it is quite a pleasant mask. However, I don’t think this is the Holy Grail of hair masks. The search for the perfect beauty mask is on! I have a feeling there are some amazing facial masks out there…


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