Time to get Rid of those Pesky Split Ends… Overnight

26 Jul

Nexxus Pro Mend Collection

The other day I was strolling the hair care isle and saw the new Nexus Pro Mend collection. Not wanting to buy into the whole line, I decided to test the waters by purchasing one of the products. I decided to go with the Pro Mend Overnight Treatment.

The Nexxus Pro Mend collection claims to bind up to 92% of split ends back together in one use. The overnight treatment “provides intensive repair as you sleep, binding split ends back together and dramatically strengthening against future splits. Hair is healthy and restored in the morning without leaving residue on bed linens.”

Nexxus Pro Mend Overnight Treatment Creme

I gave the creme try last night and first I must say it smells wonderful. The fragrance combines top fresh, clean notes with an exotic base of coconut cream. The combination makes you think smooth and caring. It was easy to apply, I used in dry hair. As stated on pack, there was no residue left behind on my pillow. The creme rinsed out easily the next morning and my hair was left very soft. I noticed my ends feel softer and look healthier, but of course I still have split ends. It is nearly impossible to fix split ends, but my end did look healthier.

Me Advice: If you feel that your hair (especially if you have long or multi-processed hair) I would suggest using a deep treatment at least once a week. It could be a deep conditioning treatment that you use in the shower and rinse out or an overnight treatment like Nexxus Pro Mend Overnight Treatment Creme, I just suggest using something to keep hair healthy.


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