Recharging Skin While You Sleep

23 Jul

Beauty Sleep

Sleep isn’t just important for our mental stability, but sleep gives our skin time to repair and process the environmental factors it encountered earlier that day. Technically speaking, sleep actually acts a natural anti-inflammatory for our skin, and at the same time produces more nutrients and oxygen to reach your skin due to increased circulation. Here are some tips to help your skin get a good nights sleep:

Wash Your Face

1. Throughly cleanse your face before you go to bed. I was once told by a teacher that going to sleep with your make up on takes away 2 weeks of youth to your skin – scary!

2. Use Moisturizer. Moisturizers help keep skin plumper and smoother for younger looking skin.

3. Sleep! Try to get at least eight hours a night – Disney didn’t name her Sleeping Beauty for no reason.

Boscia Recharging Night Moisture

As for the moisturizer, I have come across a night cream that I absolutely love. Boscia Recharging Night Moisture is a concentrated formula that works while you sleep to repair, strengthen and improve elasticity and firmness. The perservative-free cream works wonders. When you wake up, ,your skin feels incredibly soft and your face looks bright and revitalized. I recommend it anyone who enjoys starting off the day with beautiful skin! Try it out – I am confidant you will love the results!

Now go get some Beauty Rest!


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