Gel Nail Polish = Game Changer

22 Jul

Chipped Nail Polish

I used to think what was the point of painting your nails when they just begin to chip away the next day. What a waste of money and at least an hour at the nail salon. But then, the game changer came along, Gel Nail Polish.

Warning: Once you go to the Gel Nail Polish side you will never come back

OPI Axxium Gel Polish

If my nails are not done, I feel like a slob. In the business world you always have to be on top of your game, and for me part of that includes having polished nails. I am so rough with my nails, that the nail polish would only last me max three days. So I resorted to only getting my nails painted the day of a special event. But not anymore!

Gelish Gel Nail Polish

Gel nail polish hit the nail salons in May 2010 and has been growing rapidly. The process takes about 15 minutes longer than if you were to get regular nail polish but you do not have to return for three weeks – so it is worth it. The manicurist applies a custom base coat, then you must put your hand under a UV light for a few minutes, then she applies a layer of your chosen color, put your hand under the UV light, she applies another layer of color, then you place under the light once again. Then lastly she puts on a clear gel top coat and you place one last time under the UV light. Immediately after you can touch whatever you like – no smudges or chips! It is hard to get used to in the beginning. We have been trained to not touch anything for at least 30 minutes, but now dig in that purse and get your keys with no worries. The best part, they look freshly manicured and remain shiny for at least two weeks if not three.

Shellac Gel Nail Polish

I have personally tried three brands:

Shellac – This brand lasted about two weeks

Gelish – This brand lasted about two weeks and has more color options than Shellac

OPI Axxium – My favorite, lasts about three weeks and comes in most of your favorite OPI colors

The removal process takes some time. You must soak your nails in acetone nail polish remover for at least ten minutes, and then there will be some filling and a little bit of scraping off. This does cause your nails to get a little bit thinner but not nearly as bad as getting fake nails put on.

OPI Axxium Gel Nail Polish - Barefoot in Barcelona

The cost is about $30 for the manicure, which is only about $10 more than a regular manicure. Some places also charge $10 for the removal of the gel. But it is all worth it.

I have tried to switch back to regular nail polish, but I keep coming back to the gel. I now go once every 3 weeks and will share all the new colors so keep following!

The color I have now is the OPI Axxium Barefoot in Barcelona. The color is a cross between a warm brown and warm nude – absolutely beautiful. AND this manicure is one week old can you believe it!?


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