Interesting Deal on Lifebooker Today!

20 Jul


"Closet Cleanse" and Personal Shopping

There is this very interesting deal that caught my eye on Lifebooker today for Closet Cleanse & Outfit Assembly by Bryn Taylor. I have hit a lull in my closet lately and can never decide what to wear. The regular price for this “Closet Cleanse” is $500, but on Lifebooker it is $75. For just $150 more, Bryn will take you shopping and pick out some keys pieces for your ideal look. I am extremely tempted to purchase this deal… what do you guys think???

What is Lifebooker? Lifebooker is similar to Groupon but focuses only on beauty items! You can find workout classes and gym memberships, spa packages, hair removal and even this closet cleaning. Just anything a beauty addict would love! Right now Lifebooker is only giving deals in NYC, Chicago, Los Angeles and San Fran – but keep an eye out because it is gaining traction and might be in your city next!


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