Surprisingly Cheap, Anti-Aging Eye Makeup Remover

15 Jul

Vaseline Rich Conditioner Cocoa Butter

There is a surprisingly cheap, anti-aging eye makeup remover that many of you probably already have in your medicine cabinet. This multi-purpose product is known as petroleum jelly, or more commonly, Vaseline.

Vaseline contains a mixture of mineral oils and is primarily promoted as a “cure-all” for scrapes, burns and cuts. However, it also removes makeup while moisturzing. Moisture is key in anti-aging (along with SPF). The more you moisturize, the more renewed your skin cells are which results in fresher, younger looking skin. You can find Vaseline, which now comes in a variety of types including a Rich Conditioning, at any drugstore for about $3.

Using Q-Tip to Remove Eye Make Up

All you do is simply take a Q-tip and coat the cotton tip with Vaseline. You will notice it doesn’t take very much. Then simply wipe the Q-tip over the area you would like to remove your makeup. It is most likely you will get excess Vaseline on your eye lids, so after I successfully remove my makeup I take a tissue and wipe the excess off. Prevent aging AND remove my make up… Double Duty Beauty!


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