Threading: Is it Better Than Waxing?

13 Jul
Eyebrow Threading

Today I was taking a stroll down the sunny (and hot) sidewalks of Brooklyn and saw a sign reading, “Eyebrow Threading $7”. I choose to ignore the “Get a free physic reading with full face threading” – that should have tipped me off right there. My good friend back in Dallas, swears by threading. She told me it was cheaper, quicker and virtually pain-free. All positives right? So I threw cation to the wind and walked up those stairs to the threader/physic.

A little background: Threading is an ancient practice of hair removal that began in the Eastern countries and has quickly become popular in the US. Threading removes hair follicle completely and lasts up to six weeks. The threader uses a cotton thread in a twisting motion to pluck hair. Think of it as a lasso. Only the thread touches your skin, making the practice very sanitary, and no chemicals are used during the hair removal.


I walk in the door and I am quickly directed to a chair. I decided to treat myself and get my lip threaded as well. I lean back and the threader gets to work on my eyebrows. OUCH! My eyes immediately begin to tear up. I am an advent eyebrow waxer. I have very thick (I’m Italian), problematic eyebrows and have been waxing them since I was 14. Waxing is by no means pain-free, but I would much prefer waxing to threading. Threading felt like tweezing your eyebrows, but much faster. You can feel each hair being plucked out one after the other. And that was just the eyebrows! The lips hurt much worse. I can honestly tell you I will never get my face threaded ever again. There was even blood drawn – not much but still! No thank you – I will stick to the waxing.


One Response to “Threading: Is it Better Than Waxing?”

  1. judithsmarkworld December 18, 2011 at 4:59 pm #

    I’ve loved threading since I’ve started it. I’ve recently started to thread my whole face, before I was just doing the eyebrows. The most painful area is the upper lips, and I still tear up. But I will never go to waxing. I swear by threading. I got to say, it depends on who does yours. I really liked the lady who did mine the first time. I chose a specific eyebrow shape, and it totally changed my look. So that’s why I still do threading.

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