Save The Dates

23 Apr

I am able to check off a major task on my wedding planning to-do list – designing, printing, addressing and mailing off the Save the Dates. Special thanks to my friends, the extremely talented photographer Kasey Spain and to the beautifully creative  graphic designer Danielle Juneau who designed the layout, text and look of the postcard. I could not have had such beautiful postcards to mail out if it wasn’t for them. Many thanks go out to these two special ladies!

Photos were taken in Central Park during one of the most beautiful times of the year, Fall. Leaves were incredible tones of yellow, red and orange it is near impossible to put into words.

Save the Dates to me are a funny/odd item to create. This was one aspect of the wedding I didn’t already have planned out in my mind. Picking the right photo that doesn’t look cheesy to send out to your 100+ guests is tough. But you can always go the route of just beautifully designed copy with no photo.

Here are a few of my favorite Save The Date cards via Pinterest:

Enjoy my one-of-kind Save the Date designs? Check out and get your unique  Save the Dates for your special day!


Inspirational Friday: A Work of Art

20 Apr

I have such an appreciation for artists – although I must admit I don’t always understand items that are called “art”. But I firmly believe in “to each his own” and if looking at a bunch of scrap metal makes you happy, then more power to you!

For me, art is all about being aesthetically pleasing to the eye. I want to look at a painting or a photograph and be silenced for a moment by just taking in its beauty. Colors and flow play a huge part – choosing the right color palate could make or break my love for a painting.

I came across these paintings on Pinterest by Silso, Caroline Wright & Rai Alexandra and the use of tones and highlights could not be any more perfect.


Caroline Wright

Rai Alexandra

Now what does art have to do with beauty? Everything! Inspiration is everywhere! You can take this same principle of color matching to your clothes, makeup and even your nails! Check out this Pollock inspired nail design:

Now I need to channel my inner ar-tist and recreate this fantastic nail design! Hope you have a happy & creative weekend!

Mint Magic

19 Apr

I know the trend is Pale Nails, but I could not resist scooping up this color at Duane Reade. If you cannot tell I am totally obsessed with Mint Green this spring – and my obsession has officially extended to this nail Polish.

I have never heard of Pop Beauty Nail Glam, but I must say they have a beautiful selection of colors. Duane Reade prices one bottle at $10. Slightly more expensive than the well-known OPI and Essie brands.

Mint Magic in particular went on a little bit thicker than the nail polish I am used to – which caused a bumpy finish (please note I painted my nails myself and I am NOT a professional). But the color is beautiful and I am extremely happy with result! If you feel like going against the Pale Nail trend, give Mint Magic a try!